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Discover Italy's beauty through private and professional Photography Workshops in Tuscany, Apulia, Umbria, and Latium.

These tours, meticulously planned to offer an immersive explorations of Italy's iconic locations and hidden gems will emphasize and improve both your photography artistry and technique, while providing you with a deep dive into the history, nature, art, and culture of the Regions.

In fact, during the seven days photo tours, you will be capturing stunning landscapes, beautiful cities and villages, ancient Roman buildings, Renaissance art and churches, medieval architecture, street life, incredible sunrises as well as gorgeous sunsets on cityscapes or hilly horizons.  
My workshops are offered on specific dates, but they are also bookable on customers' demand, in order to provide you with perfectly personalized experiences during which you will be led to creating unforgettable memories and polished images to be shared with your loved ones, on your social media, and on your own photography books.

So, take the opportunity to challenge yourself in these outstanding 7-day tours and prepare to live each day with the wonder of a child and the wisdom of a true photographer.

As Henri Cartier-Bresson said, let's align our eyes, mind, and heart on a visual captivating journey.

After receiving six years of continuous five-star reviews for my Rome Photo Fun Tours and building strong relationships with past customers and bloggers who have become friends, I'm excited to launch multi-day photography tours & and workshops throughout various regions of Italy, encompassing Tuscany, Umbria, Latium, and Apulia.

Much like my single-day tours, these fresh options will deviate significantly from the typical offerings in the market. This distinctive approach ensures they are both professional and enjoyable, emphasizing uniqueness and a strong customer focus.

In fact, they will be:

  • Private, meaning made by a minimum of 1 person to a maximum of 4.

  • Absolutely private, meaning they can be booked by only one person wishing to travel alone or accompanied only by his/her spouse, partner, or friend.

  • Bookable either according to the dates shown on the website, or, upon agreement, on different dates based on clients' traveling time availability. 

  • By receiving the request in due time, it will also be possible to have shorter or longer tours customized on clients' time availability and likes, as follows.

  • The prices for tours from three to five days workshops will be 800 Euros per day.

  • Any additional day to the one-week already existing workshop will be calculated as 715 euros per day, on top of the starting fee.

  • Ensuring that each participant will be thoroughly guided and mentored throughout the duration of the photo tour.

  • Granting post-production sessions and portfolio reading sessions that will be performed with all the proper and keen attention that customers deserve.

  • Conducive of a friendly and mutual learning atmosphere and process, that will transform a common photo tour into a real compelling experience.

  • Encouraging participants not only to take the best shots of iconic locations but also to explore other photo options, in order for them to find their own shots, vision, and visual voice, rather than copycatting the mainstream, postcard photos.

  • Strongly discounted for the photographer’s accompanying spouse, partner, or friend, who, in fact, will be paying only 30% of the entire fee, to cover his or her hotel, meals, and transportation costs.

  • Financially convenient for those photographers that, creating a group of 3 or 4 people traveling together, will be granted a 30% discount on their own, individual fee.



  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera, remote shutter release, extra batteries, memory cards, charger

  • A wide-angle lens, e.g. Nikkor 14-24 or Canon 17-40 for landscapes or architecture

  • A middle-zoom lens such as a 24-70 mm for street photography, portraits, urban life, nature

  • A telephoto zoom lens, 70-200 mm for shooting distant landscapes, street scenes, wildlife

  • Possibly a polarizer and an ND filter

  • A tripod, possibly with a strong head, able to support heavy lenses

  • Waterproof camera protection in case of shooting at sea

  • Casual clothes for dinners and lunches and photography workshops

  • A portable computer for post-production and portfolio reading sessions

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